When you are ready to start Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training DEI in your organization but do not know where or the best way to begin.

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Hilda M. Jordan Co-Founder

Utica, NY (now living in Boston, MA)

Hilda is a first-generation Afro-latina Harvard graduate born to a single mother in Queens, NY, proudly raised in Utica, NY. Hilda is certified as an EEO Federal Investigator, has a background in civil rights law and workplace discrimination, and has delivered 5 years of JEDI professional development training, strategic planning, and community and academic equity-related research. As a first-generation Afro-Latina raised in poverty with a deep love of learning, Hilda rose from the societal margins to earn two undergraduate Harvard degrees with a call to transformational leadership. She quickly witnessed and experienced the tolls of navigating organizations and spaces that were historically designed to empower one particular kind of person. In different community affinity groups and programs, Hilda found solace, wisdom, and loving support to thrive against the violence of dehumanizing social systems like racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and religious intolerance. Those communities and experiences emboldened her dreams of a different world, one with rich diversity and nuance where individuals have full agency and the opportunity to be valued by their characters and talents because the freedoms of choice, resources, and accountability are accessible to all. 901 Consulting strives to build such a world through a restorative and trauma informed model with each organizational collaboration. We recognize that no one lives a single-issue or single-identity life and we work to create systems and strategies where folks and teams can identify and better leverage the strength of their character and value of their lived experiences to create more fulfilling and meaningful impact. Being a part of a team that does not erase or shy away from the nuanced ‘messiness’ of humanity and our histories, is our strength and is the justice building work our world needs. 901 Consulting as an organization understands that and moves to advance equity by recognizing not only who eats at the table, but the labor, love, and years it took to build it.